Queridos amigos,
My poetry chapbook Codex of Journeys: Bendito camino has had a good journey so far. I was so happy to have my dad Alfonso Valenzuela Diaz present at the book's debut at BookPeople, in Austin, on Nov. 7, 2012.
On March 17, I was honored to be invited by Gloria Amescua to be part of the Kin City reading series, which brings together poets from San Antonio and Austin. We had a wonderful reading at the Twig Bookstore in the Pearl District in San Antonio.
On April 24, I taught an Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop in Spanish at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin. We enjoyed writing poems inspired in the collection's vast Latin American art collection and other pieces.
On September 21, I gave a presentation on Translingual poetics at the Austin Poetry Society monthly meeting, and we had a very animated discussion on language, culture, meaning, hybrid texts, and more.
On Oct. 25, I had the pleasure of reading with very interesting poets from all over Texas on occasion of the third volumen of Huizache, The Magazine of Latino Literature. This was at the Mexican American Cultural Arts Center (MACC) in Austin.
And November brought a reading at the After Hours Literary Cafe on Nov. 8, during the American Translators Association's annual conference, this time in San Antonio, Texas.
Last but not least, it was my great joy to read at the book presentation of my literary amiga y comadre ire'ne lara silva on Nov. 14, also at the MACC.
Here's to a fruitful 2014 for everyone!



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